Would you vote for this person?

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People who run for political office (local, national or even international) make all sorts of promises. Like “If you vote for me or my party then we’ll solve this problem or improve this service”. We hear and read about them all the time and no doubt many of these promises are made with the best of intentions. But how often are they kept?

Imagine you had the chance to vote for someone who could solve all problems; not just of this country, but of the entire world.  Someone with the power and integrity to end war and violence to bring lasting peace. Someone who could cure all diseases and end suffering.  A candidate who you knew you could trust to feed the hungry, free the oppressed, and eradicate poverty.  We guess you’d vote for such a person?  Well, why wouldn’t you?

Interestingly, the Bible tells us that just such a ruler exists – Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He is going to return to this earth and put right all the wrongs we see around us. Although he doesn’t need your vote in an election, he does invite all who want such things to become his followers and try to live in a way that God wants us to.

Sound interesting? Don’t just take our word for it – read the Bible and see why followers of Jesus firmly believe they have a leader who they know they can trust.  Not someone caught up in scandal or sleaze, speculation or spin – Jesus will rule with truth and justice.  Completely different from any political leader, from any party, in any country. You don’t have to wait for another election, you can vote with your heart and mind today.

Useful Bible passage to look up: Psalm 72 vs 6-8.

Photo by Elliott Stallion on Unsplash