Sunday Bible Hour

Every journey begins with a first step.

Begin an exciting new journey to faith by taking a First Step (every first Sunday of the month) in discovering what the Bible says for YOU at these specially designed Bible discovery sessions on Sundays at 10am.

Opportunities to take a 'second look' at the theme follow each Sunday during the month to look further at the ideas presented at our First Step session helping you to expand you understanding of the Bible message.

March 2020
Theme: Good New Common Problems

  • 1st Relationships
  • 8th Worry and Anxiety
  • 15th Money and Debt
  • 22nd Health and Wellbeing
  • 29th Social Media

February 2020
Theme: Mark my Words

  • 2nd …  "Follow me" (Mark 1:17) 
  • 9th … All things are possible (Mark 9:23)
  • 16th … Don't be afraid (Mark 6:50)
  • 23rd … "Preach the Good News to everyone" (Mark 16:15)

January 2020

Theme: God's 20:20 Vision

  • 5th …   A Vision For Today
  • 12th … God's Vision For The Future
  • 19th … How Do I Find God's Vision For Me? (Discussion)
  • 26nd … Finding A Vision Of God

Theme: Are you ready …?

  • 1st … for action
  • 8th … for change
  • 15th … for the return of Jesus
  • 22nd … for Christmas (Carol Service
  • 29th … for what comes next

Theme: Unlock the Bible with key verses

  • 3rd The Bible is key to us understanding God
  • 10thGod is key to our life
  • 17th Love is key to a fulfilling life
  • 24th Jesus is key to our future

Theme: Understanding Christian Rituals

  • 7th Harvest Family Service
  • 13th Breaking of Bread
  • 21st Baptism
  • 27th Is The Bible True?

Theme: How to

  • 1st ...Start my life over again
  • 8th ...Love you enemies
  • 15th ...Be a living sacrifice 
  • 22nd ...Pray to God
  • 29th ...Find certainly in an uncertain world

Theme: What's in the Bible

  • Psalms - Music and Poetry
  • The Kingdom of God - When and Where?
  • How the Bible came to be
  • Job - Suffering

Theme: Finding God - Personal Testimony

  • 5th  (no Bible Hour)
  • 12th Finding God in the valley
  • 19th Why have we been created
  • 26th Finding God - on the sea 


  • 2nd  Be guided only by the Scriptures
  • 9th   Live ONLY by Grace
  • 16th Decide ONLY by Faith
  • 23rd The challenge of following Christ
  • 30th Dicsussion workshop on prayer

Theme: The God YOU are looking for

  • 5th A God who knows it all
  • 12th A God whose always there
  • 19th Can faith help mental health
  • 26th A God who always guides you

Theme: Topsy Turvy

  • 7th Upside Down & Inside Out 
  • 14th Give In Order To Get
  • 21st Die In Order To Live
  • 28th Why Is The Gospel So Powerful?


  • 3rd  What is religion really about?
  • 10th What does faith really mean?
  • 17th Learning to be careful in what we say
  • 24th Learning to be close to God
  • 31st God has a free gift for you

Discover the relevance of the Bible for YOUR life in the 21st century in straightforward, basic, non-technical language.