Who are we?

"Christadelphian" simply means "brothers - and sisters - in Christ". We became known by this name almost 150 years ago. The somewhat 'unusual' name is used to try to encapsulate the importance of our relationship both with Jesus Christ as well as with each other.

If you would like an independent assessment of who Christadelphians are visit the there is a short article on the BBC website if you CLICK HERE

Who are Ashby Christadelphian church?

Because of our association with Jesus Christ, the members of Ashby Christadelphian church, along with other Christadelphians worldwide, see ourselves as a family based on spiritual values. Christadelphians have met together in Ashby on the same basis of belief for over 100 years.

Our aims

The aim of the members of the Ashby Christadelphian church is to live our lives based entirely on faith in Christ Jesus. We base this on the teaching of Jesus and his followers from the first century. We find our instruction in the Bible which we believe proves itself to be both entirely reliable and entirely inspired by God.

Christadelphians believe that those who follow Jesus and his apostles now can place their hope in his return to the earth with absolute confidence. This is the time when Jesus Christ will bring eternal life to his people and establish in power the long promised Kingdom of God. We recognise our need to look for strength and forgiveness from God as we wait for God to fulfil his promises.

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The Bible

The Bible is accepted as one of the greatest masterpieces of the world's literature. It is quite unrivalled by any other work, in any language, or from any age. The grandeur of the opening chapters of Genesis and of John's gospel, the moving poetry of the Psalms, the fiery denunciations of the Hebrew prophets, the compelling records of the life and work of Jesus, and the apocalyptic mysteries of the book of Revelation. All these serve together to set the Bible in a class of its own. It is quite unrivalled by any other work, in any language or from any age. But it is more than this: the Bible claims to be the word of God.

"Let the Bible speak for itself" could well be our slogan, as this is precisely what we set out to do.  Our beliefs are a direct result of this:

What We Believe

  • That God is all-powerful, all-knowing and the creator of the universe
  • That Jesus Christ is his son, whose death brought about the means to the fulfilment of God's purpose on earth.
  • That Jesus will return to the earth to establish a kingdom of perfection for his Father, of which we can be members.
  • That man is inherently sinful and in need of salvation from God.
  • That human nature, therefore, works against God's will and we can consequently only be saved by God's grace and forgiveness.
  • That when Jesus returns to the earth, all those who are responsible will be raised from the dead to be judged worthy or not of a place in God's kingdom.
  • That we should watch carefully things that are happening in the world, so that Jesus' return does not take us by surprise.
  • That believers should live a morally upstanding life before God, standing apart from the lax values of modern society.
  • That no-one else has authority - only God through the pages of his word, which, now being completed, is his only source of revelation to mankind.
  • That the Holy Spirit is God's power which controls everything.
  • That man has free will to choose whether to pursue God's offers of salvation or not.
  • That the nation of Israel is very important still in God's plan for the earth.

Obviously, this is a very condensed version of our beliefs. There are many opportunities on this web site to explore them in more detail and for you to question our reasoning which brings us to these conclusions. For a slightly more in depth look, please look at our basic statement of faith. You may prefer, however to contact us now with a specific question. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

A final request from us

Many of the statements on this web site are deliberately challenging. We would ask all our visitors:

Please compare your own opinions with the teaching of scripture,
Please examine the bible passages we offer as proof carefully (links are provided for you to do this immediately).
If, as a result, a change of heart is called for, there will be no doubt that the teaching of the Lord, and the Book he trusted in, must be followed wherever it leads.