Whats at the heart of your Christmas?

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Christmas is often painted as a time of pure happiness and contentment; for many this is the case – it can be a truly magical time.  However, Christmas isn’t always everything we hope it to be, for some the reality is... squabbling over TV channels, excessive time with in-laws, indigestion, overspending on credit cards, friction in relationships, perhaps even loneliness from having no-one to spend Christmas with.  For some, Christmas sadly doesn’t live up to expectations.

If asked what makes us happy, we’d probably come up with a list of things like winning the lottery, achieving a promotion at work, finding an amazing bargain in the January sales, or enjoying an exotic holiday.  Christmas, along with many of these things is very short lived and, just like that dream holiday, it’s over so very quickly.

So is it really “Happy Christmas”?  Does it really make us happy long term?  God wants us to experience true happiness, but funnily enough in a way we’d least expect.

Jesus tells us that happiness comes from giving to others, putting other’s needs before our own and not being self obsessed.  We have probably all experienced that great feeling when we’ve gone out of our way to help somebody else?  This is just what Jesus was talking about.  

Why not see if it works?  It doesn’t have to cost money.  Perhaps invite that lonely neighbour to share your Christmas dinner, visit somebody in hospital, drop off a few festive groceries at the foodbank, or simply be a listening ear to someone with problems?  Identify what’s at the heart of your Christmas this year and spread some genuine happiness by doing something that will really make a difference.  Christmas is a time when joy should be shared – let’s try to be the one who shares it.

Useful passage to look up: James ch1 v27.