The Ultimate Hug

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When was the last time you had a hug? Perhaps it was something you took for granted; an everyday occurrence you didn’t really notice. But since COVID-19 arrived, along with a whole range of new terms (lockdown, social distancing, shielding, bubble) we’ve now got lots of ways to say, ‘keep your distance’. The downside to keeping us safe is losing the one-on-one physical connection of a simple hug that says, ‘you are important to me’. We struggle with this lack of hugs because what used to make us feel safe sadly now is missing.

The human senses are used in the Bible to express our need for something beyond just the natural experience of the world in which we live. The writer of the Psalms challenges us to: ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good. Happy is the person who trusts him’.

Throughout the Bible, God challenges us to taste, see, hear, touch and smell… LIFE, and when we do, to remember Him. It’s so important that we see, taste, experience the world around us and recognise His creation.

When we are missing hugs with our friends or parents or grandchildren, remember God gave us our families and our friends and He also provides refuge for those who seek Him. So, if you are feeling afraid, or are worried about the world and what is happening, look to God. He is the one constant we can rely on. God wants us to be close to Him. God wants to be the One who gives us the ultimate hug and all we have to do is walk towards Him.

Throughout August we’re posting weekly short talk videos on our Facebook page all on this same theme of “Taste and see”. Have a watch! 

Useful passage to look up: Psalm 34 v 8

Photo by Xavier Mouton Photographie on Unsplash