Light After Dark

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Climbing the steps of the plane the rain continued to fall, the sky dark and threatening as it had been all day.  After what seemed an eternity sitting on the runway, the plane finally lifted off the tarmac and we climbed steeply into the black cloud.  Within moments the plane emerged through the top of the cloud into bright clear sunshine – the first we’d seen all day.  What a welcome sight.

It feels like we’ve had that in reverse. British Summer Time is now behind us, the long sunny days have given way to short days and longer nights, summer clothes buried to the back of the wardrobe again replaced by winter woolies.

Darkness and gloom are obviously true of storms and of winter nights, but our everyday lives can also often seem to have a murky outlook.  We are constantly entering unchartered waters; questionable political stability, a slowing economy, wildfires still burning in Brazil, continued unrest in the Middle East, plus many other crises throughout the world. In life it can sometimes seem that there is far more darkness than light.

However, it needn’t be all doom and gloom. When we read the Bible we can clearly see that there is another source of light, hope and joy. In the Gospel of John chapter 8, Jesus is referred to as “the light of the world”. Just as above any storm the sun still shines, so above all the gloomy problems in this world, the love of Jesus and God still shines.

The wonderful thing about the light of Jesus and God is that it is there at all times, to warm and comfort. If we open our Bibles, read and take on board what God is telling us, we can banish the winter blues…forever.  Pick up a Bible today and put some lightness back into your life.

Useful Bible Passage: John 8 v12

Photo by Chris Buckwald on Unsplash