Knowing me, knowing you

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Over the last couple of years, we’ve had to learn to cope with less personal support and interaction – people we can talk to, spend time with, and share our problems with.  And of course, it’s a two-way thing; others who would have relied on us for support and conversation, have suffered too.

Jesus was a support to so many; he brought hope, understanding, the ability to listen and advise. In our darkest and loneliest times, it is comforting to remember that Jesus and God his father are always there for us, to be communicated with and bring comfort. We don’t need to wait for a good time to call, make an appointment or find time in the diary. We just need to take a moment, be still and talk to God.

Taking the time to focus on God, say a simple prayer about our worries and the things we are grateful for, can be really helpful – it gives us a moment of peace and calm which can help carry us through our day. The conversation may well be different from that with a friend, but to talk and feel like you’ve been listened-to without interruption, opinion or judgement is a rare thing to be treasured. And God does respond – often in ways we don’t expect, but you can see Him steering situations in our lives.

If the feeling of being listened-to lifts us up and makes us feel better, we too can reach out others. Perhaps there are those we haven’t had contact with for a while – a relative, friend or lonely neighbour – people who would appreciate a text, card, or call. Knowing how much we value one-to-one contact, let’s try to engage with others and give them the chance to talk and be listened to – it might just make their day. You never know, we might get something out of it too!

Useful passage to look up: Matthew ch6 vs 5-15

Photo by lilartsy on Unsplash