Just start reading!

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As the summer holidays draw to a close it will soon be time for children to return to classes and start their new school year. I’m sure you remember that nervous uneasy feeling of going back to school after the summer, getting back into the old routine and getting out of the relaxed habits facilitated by a long break.

Back at school, children will be introduced to whole new areas of learning – new topics, subjects and source material. Children will be given new reference books, full of the information they’ll need as they study. It’s a lot of effort, but it’s undertaken for a reason. Their hope (and their parents!) is that the effort and training undertaken now will help them throughout their life in the future; help them to develop skills; help them to be happy.

In the same way that children start studying new books at the beginning of term to help their academic growth, there’s an amazing book that we can all pick up and read.  It’s a book that can give us all we need to have a happy and fulfilled life; a book that has been in English for 400 years, that’s still as relevant today as it was when it was written centuries ago.

It doesn’t matter whether we are 5 or 105, the Bible has something for each of us.  Want your kids to know more? We have a friendly, thriving Sunday School at 10am every Sunday, where children learn about the Bible and its message. Scheduled at the same time, we also have Bible Hour for adults which tackles challenging everyday issues, using the Bible to find solutions. Don’t own a Bible?  Drop in to our church hall and we’ll give you your own copy of this amazing book for FREE.  It’s the text book for life – you simply have to pick it up and start reading!

Useful passage to look up: Proverbs ch1 v5

Photos by Ben White and Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash