Forecasting the future

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I’m sure you all saw the news about category 2 hurricane ‘Florence’ that hit the US East coast in September with winds of over 100mph, causing widespread devastation and flooding for over 10 million people.

The above paragraph may well be accurate, but it also maybe completely wrong! I’m writing this article before the hurricane has even made landfall and completely guessed the results based on weather forecasts. As we know weather forecasts are a ‘there-or-thereabouts’ sort of thing, often close but rarely bang-on – and don’t we just love talking about it..!

In the Bible predicting the future is called prophesying, where someone (a prophet) makes a statement about the future. There are lots of Bible prophecies, many of which have happened absolutely to the letter and can be verified by historical records.

One great example of Bible prophecy is in the book of Ezekiel ch26 (written 597BC), which predicts the complete destruction of the city of Tyre on the East Mediterranean coast. King Nebuchadnezzar was first to attack Tyre shortly after the prophecy was written, but only destroyed the city on the mainland. Alexander the Great came along around 332BC and finished the job, using the rubble remains to create a causeway to reach the city on the island. He completely destroyed it fulfilling the prophecy written 260 years earlier.  The level of detail that marries-up is incredible – Google it!

The Bible extensively uses prophecy, and its evidence, to prove its authenticity as God’s inspired book. It also contains various prophesies that are still to happen, ones that talk about the state of the world we see today.  It makes fascinating and poignant reading.

To find out what the Bible says about our past, present and future, why not come along any Sunday morning at 10am.  Discover God’s awesome plans for a fair and peaceful future – plans based on far more than a there-or-thereabouts weather forecast!

Useful passage to look up: Ezekiel ch26

Photo by NASA and Michael Weidner on Unsplash