Fancy A Walk?

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After the long cold winter we’ve had, it’s nice to start seeing glimpses of warmth again. The sunshine and better weather means invitations will start coming thick and fast of “do you fancy a walk?”  With varying degrees of enthusiasm, partners will be persuaded (or not!) that it will be great to 'get some fresh air', 'stretch your legs' or 'clear your head'. However, one of the best things of all about a walk is the chance for a conversation, side by side.

For the older generation the very phrase 'walking out together' was a sign that two people were on the way to becoming 'an item'. It somehow neatly conveys the idea of people being in step, or side by side, with another. It's estimated we walk something like 270 million steps in a lifetime, but for many of us it is the steps we take alongside someone else that are the very best.

In the Bible we come across the idea of walking in the ‘right company’. In fact one of the best known Bible characters, Noah, we read 'walked with God'. What a fantastic testimony to Noah's character and way of life. He lived at a time when the whole world seemed to be only interested in living the wrong kind of life; Noah simply chose to walk differently to the world around him. He was up and out of his chair, as it were, responding to God's invitation.

God extends the same invitation to you and me, to walk in His ways and enjoy being in His company, to listen to what He says and to share your cares and concerns with Him. Of all the walks you could do this Spring, this would be the very best.  "Fancy a walk?"  He is waiting for your answer right now.

Useful passage to look up: Deuteronomy ch10 verses 12-13.

Photo by Nicolas Picard on Unsplash