Embracing positive triggers

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I'm sure that we’ve all had moments going about our daily routine where in the background we hear a fragment of a song and we’re instantly transported to some other time in our lives. Or maybe walking down a street and catch the hint of a smell, bread baking, or a plant that we used to have at home, and again our mind takes us right back.

Often this is a happy memory, perhaps something that we did as a child, some seemingly incidental event that zooms into focus, something we had completely forgotten about. The power of our memories and the associations made is truly incredible; it can change our whole mood, our whole outlook, from a brief sound or smell.

It is possible that we already know what these triggers are in our own lives. If so, we can use them consciously. It may be a song that lifts our mood - because of the associations it has. It may be a scent that we know will take us back to a happy situation. It may even be a book, or a short passage that makes us smile or feel more confident.

This is even more true of God’s word, the Bible. If we read the Bible regularly it will become part of our lives, the wisdom of God’s word will become part of who we are. When we are in situations, we won’t just have associations from our own lives to fall back on, we will have God’s guidance, God’s love there for us whenever we need it.

Perhaps you have a great knowledge of the Bible and read it every day, it may be you’ve never read it, but the beauty of God’s word is that it is freely available to everyone. All we need to do is to start reading and let God’s word positive impact our lives day by day.

Useful passage to look up: Proverbs ch3 vs5–6