Always connected. Always listening

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We don’t go anywhere without a mobile phone these days. Anyone under 30 will feel like they’ve been around forever, yet the mobile was only invented in 1973 and didn’t really become a commonplace until the mid-90’s.

They’ve come a long way. Early phones (the size of a brick) were just a phone. Shocking I know! Later versions could send text messages and some of those old Nokia’s even had a game – remember ‘Snake’?! So different from the pocket-sized computer we now carry everywhere… with cameras, video calling, countless apps and so much more. They’ve come a long way.

But there can be issues with this technological reliance. What if the phone breaks or you can’t get through? What if the unthinkable happens and you have no signal?! You’re a bit stuck. After all, telephone boxes have all but disappeared! And don’t get started on running out of credit or going over your data limit!

There is one communication line which is never out of service, always has signal and is always free. That communication line is prayer. Prayer is like having God’s personal phone number. It’s a direct line to Him. And the best part is - he wants to hear from us.

The Bible tells us in Psalm 145:18 that “The Lord is close to all who call on him”. When we call God, the connection is strong and clear. It never goes to voicemail. God doesn’t see who it is and then ignore it, he always picks up, because he wants to connect with you. 

So, I would encourage you to give it a try. Put a call in to God, whether you are feeling thankful, happy, lost or hurting, just tell God how you feel. Allow him to come close to you and help you. He’s always there and available 24/7. Just talk – he will listen.

Useful passage to look up: Philippians ch4 vs 5-7