A Life Worth Living

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March is finally here; the month when things seem to begin again. It’s the start of spring (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), flowers and trees start to come to life, and we change to British Summer Time (a positive time to 'spring forward'!)

Did you know that as recently as 1752, the New Year in this country began in March? Not only that, but the tax year consequently began on New Year’s Day - March 25th – instead of today’s seemingly-random April 6th. (We haven’t the space to go into why this was the case, but Google it – it’s an interesting tale!)

What’s my point?

There was a time not so very long ago when our calendar as well as the change in season in March simply shouted at you: 'everything is new – life is worth living!'

It’s true. With the drab darkness of winter behind us, it’s amazing how much more positive we feel can at this time of year. We get a ‘spring’ in our step; a yearning to tidy, fix and sort; a post hibernation rush of adrenaline; a renewed sense of purpose. There is a recognition that we are alive and, more importantly, we have a life worth living. This sometimes means we need to push or challenge ourselves to change rather than going with the flow.

The Christian hope is very similar to the joyful sense of renewal we all feel at this time of year. We are told that God will 'make all things new'. In these troubled and turbulent times, this knowledge makes our lives worth living, especially as we believe that this is not so very far off. 

Next month we have a series of Sunday morning sessions all about ‘a life worth living’. Come along and discover the plans God has for our lives – lives truly worth living.

Useful passage to look up: Revelation ch21 vs 1-5

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash