Marriage Course


Marriage isn't something you use once and then store in the loft for the next 30 years; it is something that has to be worked at by both parties to keep it alive.  Click here to see more info about Marriage.


Marriage course starting

Ashby Christadelphian Church is always wanting to help couples get the most from their marriage. If you are interested in being part of the next course - read on.


Marriage with God at the centre

Ashby Christadelphians have a number of married couples with extensive experience of leadership of God-centred marriage guidance, as well as personal experience in sharing God-centred marriage advice.  The courses help to assist couples in creating loving, respectful and enduring relationships, based on advice and principles set out in the Bible.

If you are interested in:

  • Making God the centre of your relationship in marriage
  • Enhancing your marriage relationship with God at its heart
  • Trying to save a marriage from disaster by giving it a Bible based approach
  • Guidance prior to a God focussed marriage may be interested in the Marriage Course run by the members of Ashby Christadelphian Church.


BOOKINGS: Please get in touch to register your desire to attend a marriage course

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions before you register, please contact one of our marriage course leaders (Mark, Paula, Mick or Mary) at


Note:  Ashby Christadelphian Church does not charge for any of our workshop or seminar courses.  They are completely free of charge, with no obligation to finish the course.