Bible Study Class

Sharing and studying the Bible together

Ashby Christadelphian Church enjoy getting together to look at the Bible from different perspectives. The Bible says it's the word of God, so we think it's pretty important that we should discover, explore and share it together.

What happens?

On Thursday evenings we spend an hour looking at the Bible in a little bit more detail.  There is a huge variety in what we talk about to suit all tastes.

This varies from:

  • Exploring the very practical outcomes of being a disciple of Jesus in day to day life -  such as prayer, dedication and interaction with others; to
  • Listening to a detailed examination of a single idea, chapter or even phrase from the Bible; to
  • A discussion about the lives and relevance of Bible characters; to
  • Talking about the relevance of basic Bible teachings in our everyday lives

Why be involved?

We also use the Bible Study time to:

  • share infomation about charitable work and outreach initiatives which are of interest,
  • share prayer time together and importantly
  • spend time getting to know each other better.

You are welcome to join us any Thursday evening.  No prior experience or background is necessary - just come along and discover something amazing direct from the pages of the Bible.

Topics for 2015

This year we are looking at (amongst other things):

  • Questions Jesus asked
  • The Exodus Story
  • The letter to the believers at Philippi
  • The prophecy of Zechariah
  • Practical Psalms
  • Foundations for discipleship

and lots more