Bible Courses

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Exploring the Bible 

Take a step by step look at the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Explore the Bible at your own pace. The course provides both a comprehensive overview of this bestselling book as well as numerous lessons which cover practical living and practical outcomes.

The course gives you an allocated tutor to whom you can ask questions, if and when you have them.

(26 lesson internet or postal course)


The Evidence - YOU decide

We all need to be convinced before we commit to anything. The Bible is no different. Why should an ancient book make any difference to us?

Assess for yourself some of the evidence for why this book remains a reliable guide for our lives today. The 5 lessons include:

  • Accurate predictions
  • A Law ahead of its time
  • The Bible and Science
  • Archaeology
  • A consistent message

(5 lesson postal course)


Life's Big Questions

Life poses many big questions. What is life about? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? This course is aimed t answering some of those burning questions from a Bible point of view, plus providing a forum for you to ask more.

(6 week seminar course)


New Perspectives on Life - "Life Coaching from the Bible"

Many of life's worries and day to day concerns are given a new perspective when considered from a Bible standpoint. The Bible provides fresh perspective on topics such as the economy and money, family and friends, law and order as well as environmental issues. The course seeks to help give you a new perspective.

(5 week seminar course)


Learn to Read the Bible Effectively (postal course)

Can't make the Learn to Read the Bible Effectively seminar course? Try the postal version.

Be guided through some of the exiting ways in which you can learn to read the Bible for yourself in an effective and life changing way with a dedicated Ashby based tutor to answer questions and guide you through some of the exciting ways in which you can .

(10 week postal course)


Other drop-in Bible discovery sessions in Ashby

We also offer other drop in and learn:


Courses available on request

Ashby Christadelphians run many of these course on a demand basis. If you are interested in any of the courses or sessions outlined above following, please let us know your details and we will get you going on postal courses, guide you through internet courses or let you know when the next seminar course of your choice is running.



Note:  Ashby Christadelphian Church does not charge for any of our workshops, seminar courses or learning packages.  They are completely free of charge, with no obligation to finish the course.