First Step Sunday

"Every journey begins with a single step".

Begin an exciting new journey to faith by taking a First Step (every first Sunday of the month) in discovering what the Bible says for YOU at these specially designed Bible discovery sessions on Sundays at 10am.

Opportunities to take a "Second look" at the theme follow each Sunday during the month to look further at the ideas presented at our First Step session helping you to expand you understanding of the Bible message.

Date Monthly theme / Title

Seek first the kingdom of God month

4 - Seek the kingdom first

11 - What and where is the kingdom?

18 - Signs the kingdom is near

25 - Give me your heart


Who is Jesus? month

1 - Risen Lord

8 - Someone like me - tempted

15 - Someone like me - passionate

22 - A Saviour sent by God

29 - A King appointed by God


The Bible and the Middle East month

The Middle East in the News


Promises, promises month

Introducing Bible promises


Simplifying Bible Jargon month

Introducing Bible words


Why ... ? month

Why am we here?


Who is God? month

The God you're looking for


Enjoying the Bible month

Harvest Thanksgiving Service


Bible myth-busters month

The Bible's claims are out of date and exaggerated


Learning with Jesus month

Jesus the Master

Discover the relevance of the Bible for YOUR life in the 21st century in straighforward, basic, non-technical language.

Our promise: no "religious jargon"; Bible words explained; easy to follow.


If you have a specific subject you would like to be dealt with please email us.

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