Bible Exploration and Discovery

Our aim:

to allow everyone to get to grips with the big book which is the Bible; often daunting, often confusing, always worthwhile.

Ashby Christadelphians love sharing the message of the Bible and how relevant it is to 21st century life.

We really hope:

that everyone and anyone can feel able:

  • to discover that the Bible is still relevant whoever you are
  • to explore the Bible for themselves.

If you are willing to give the Bible some of your time, it can give you both an exciting and envigorating way of life now as well as real hope for the future.


Your style, your life, your learning

We realise that everyone has different learning styles.

In a typical week we have all sorts of opportunities to learn about what the Bible says. Pick something which best suits your style of learning.

Choose anything from a lecture format to informal chats, from teaching classes to one to one discussions, from formal seminars to Bible reading groups; there are times for meditation, study, learning and fun too.

See our other pages about exploring the Bible: for information, for answers, for life, for fun, for God, forever.


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